Futaba 3PM-X 3-Channel FASST Radio

Engineered for speed, strength and style.

There's no need to buy separate systems for every application. The 3PM-X handles them all for a single, affordable price and gives you FASST 2.4GHz dependability as a bonus. It offers all the conveniences and features of the original 3PM, plus these new performance and programming pluses!
  • Programmable mixing
  • 10-model memory
  • Simple, 4-button programming
  • Model naming
  • Assignable switches/functions
  • Digital trims and memory
  • Normal/HRS modes
  • Servo reversing, sub-trims & EPA (all channels)
  • Throttle expo, acceleration, mode select & fail-safe
  • Steering expo, dual rates & servo speed
  • Anti-lock braking system w/adjustable return, pulse cycle and delay
  • Brake mixing for larger models
  • Electronic ATL
  • 2 conditions
  • Up/Down timer w/100-lap & total time memory
  • Low-battery alarm
  • LCD screen
  • Wheel tension adjustment
  • Charge jack for optional NiCds
  • Battery fail-safe
  • Requires: 8 "AA" alkaline batteries & servos
  • 1-year limited warranty.
Futaba 3PM-X 3-Channel FASST Radio - Four-wheel Steering Mix
Four-wheel Steering Mix
Two modes give you a choice of two or four 4WS options — and the ability to switch between them with the push of a button. Choices include: 1) Crab; 2) All-wheel steering; 3) Front-wheel only; or 4) Rear-wheel only.
Futaba 3PM-X 3-Channel FASST Radio - digital trims
Digital Trim Steps
The digital trims are directly above the wheel for easy access — even while you're driving.
Futaba 3PM-X 3-Channel FASST Radio - Dig Setting
Dig Setting
The dig setting can be switched from normal to front lock to rear lock as quickly as you can touch the digital trim switch.
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