Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™

Cruise on air.

Smooth and forgiving, the Calypso Tx-R excels as a first electric sailplane. Experienced glider pilots may elect to use the optional flaps for more advanced thermal chasing. Made of AeroCell foam, the model includes an integrated landing wheel plus nose and tail skid plates. You just need a radio and screwdriver for final assembly!
Wingspan: 73 in (1855 mm), Wing Area: 526 in² (33.9 dm²), RTF Weight: 29 oz (820 g), Length: 47 in (1195 mm), Requirements: 4-5 channel SLT radio or AnyLink2 and a compatible 4-5 channel radio, and Screwdriver
  • Assembled, factory-finished airframe with landing wheel and skid plates.
  • Factory-installed brushless motor, ESC and servos.
  • Factory-installed TR624 SLT™ receiver compatible with all SLT transmitters and the Tactic AnyLink2.
  • 3S 11.1V 1300mAh 15C LiPo battery.
  • AC/DC balancing LiPo charger.
  • 5 “AA” batteries.
Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™ - tail alignment
Attach and align the tail by tightening just one screw.
Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™ - wing attachment
The two-piece wing assembles quickly and removes easily for transport.
Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™ - onboard hatch
A large onboard compartment with magnetic hatch allows easy access to the flight battery.
Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™ - landing wheel and skids
The Calypso’s wheel and skid plates allow for both grass and runway landings.
Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™ - installed ailerons
The wing includes independent aileron servos for mixing potential.
Flyzone® Calypso™ Brushless Tx-R™ - decal graphics from underside
This bright, high-contrast trim scheme is easy to track at high altitudes.
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