Choose VTOL RC aircraft for a unique and versatile flying experience!

You’re eager to fly with an airplane, but there’s not enough room for a typical takeoff or hand launch. Grounded? Not if you’ve got a VTOL-capable radio control aircraft. Put it into multirotor mode. Make a straight-up vertical takeoff like a helicopter. When you’re up in the air, switch to airplane mode and keep on flying!

As you look for a new RC aircraft model, know that your options go beyond airplanes, helicopters, and multirotors. There are also VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) models that have characteristics of all three. They perform like airplanes in forward flight, but can also rise and descend vertically — which allows them to take off, land, and even fly in places where some other aircraft can’t.

At Tower Hobbies® you’ll find the best variety of radio controlled VTOL aircraft available anywhere. Choose a micro model that you can fly in your house or yard, where the VTOL capabilities make it possible to navigate in tight spaces. Select a larger sport model to fly outdoors in larger areas and more wind. There are even scale models that provide an unmatched and exciting level of realism.

RC VTOL Aircraft