Built to lap the competition!

Lap the competition with the 12TG Version II (P) ABL from O.S. Features include a new two-piece head, an updated 12FB slide-valve carburetor, a ROAR-legal exhaust design and a pilot shaft. It delivers up to 8 minutes of run time per tank, which makes it the ideal balance of efficiency and performance for competition-level stadium trucks!
RPM Range: 5,000-30,000 Output: 0.7 @ 28,000 rpm Weight: 8.0 oz (227 g) Requirements: Car blend glow fuel with 20% nitromethane content, Air filter, Electric starter and exhaust system (depending on the vehicle), Glow starter, Track equipment
  • Two-piece head with 12FB slide-valve carb.
  • ROAR-legal rear exhaust design.
  • Delivers almost 8 minutes of run time per tank.
  • Pilot shaft-equipped to be a real performance booster for competition-level stadium trucks!
O.S. Two Year Limited Warranty
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