Tower Hobbies Wish List

Wish List "How To"
The Tower Hobbies Wish List service is a great way to let family and friends know what products you'd like to receive as gifts. It can also be used to store a list of items that you'd like to purchase for yourself in the future. Below are the details of how the interface works.

Finding a Wish List

You can check for the existence of a Tower Hobbies public Wish List for a specific person simply by clicking the "Search for other Wish Lists" link which appears throughout the Wish List interface. The resulting page will allow you to either search by name or e-mail address. If searching by name, in addition to providing first and last names, the country selection is also needed. You'll also be required to provide the U.S. state or Canadian province for U.S. or Canada look-up. When the particular Wish List you are looking for shows up in the Wish List Search Results, click the name of the Wish List owner in order to access that Wish List (if there is only one search result based on the criteria entered, you will be taken directly to that Wish List).

Please note: If no results are found, check the spelling of the name or the accuracy of the e-mail address that you have submitted. There may by cases in which the person you are searching for does not have a Wish List or the creator of the Wish List may have designated it as a private wish list. If your intent is to purchase a gift for a person in which no Wish List is found, we suggest a Tower Hobbies Gift Certificate or Gift Card.