What does "Save Sign-In Information on this Computer" mean? Should you check the box?

When signing in to your Tower Hobbies customer account you can set your browser to remember your sign-in automatically by checking the box near "Save Sign-In Information on this Computer". If checked, for future visits, it won't be necessary for you to type in the required sign-in information when you reach a sign-in page on the Tower Hobbies web site.

Please Note: If you use a computer that is not primarily yours or that is available for public use (at a cafe, library, educational institution, or other establishment with shared computers), make sure the box near "Save Sign-In Information on this Computer" is unchecked.

How does it work?

By use of a standard browser feature called "cookies". Cookies must be enabled within your browser in order for the checked box to save the sign-in information on your computer. For more information on cookies, click here.

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