Price Matching Policy

At Tower Hobbies we take pride in our low-prices and do constant price comparisons to make sure that we offer the industry's lowest possible prices and best overall value. If you find a lower price on a product somewhere else prior to your purchase, please call us--and we'll do our best to match it.

It's an offer we'll honor on "good faith" prices on items we currently have in stock. This offer does not apply to close-outs, non-US companies, out-of-stocks or prices due to typographical or other errors. We reserve the right to price match solely at our discretion.

If you are using a promotional coupon code with your order, we regret that we are unable to price match. Also see how Tower Hobbies protects your privacy at our web site.

Call toll-free 1-800-637-6050 or non-toll-free at 1-217-398-3636.