Tower Hobbies Shopping Cart: Adjusting Order Quantities

Changing your order quantities
Enter the desired quantity ("0" through "9") in the "Order Qty" field for the item in which you would like to make an adjustment. Repeat for each item in which you would like to change the quantity. Once done, click the "Update Quantities" button located below the "Order Qty" column. Please note: any quantities that were changed to zero ("0") will result in the item being removed from the shopping cart when clicking the button.

Ordering more than nine of an item
Add the item to your cart more than once. By using the steps outlined above, adjust the quantity of each listing of the item so that the total ordered for all occurrences of that item is equal to the quantity that you would like to order.

Limited-quantity promotional items
Adjustments to order quantities for "one per order" promotional items cannot be made. The "Order Qty" field for such are non-editable. If you would like to remove such an item from your order, click the "Remove From Cart" graphic.

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