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The Tower Hobbies web site makes it fun, fast and easy to join the exciting radio-control hobby. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can find a suitable model AND make sure you have everything needed to operate it successfully. To make your way through the site from browsing to buying, we recommend the approach described below. But don't be afraid to explore. You'll find many ways to reach useful pages by following conveniently placed menus and links. No products are added to your shopping cart unless you click on the bright yellow "Buy Now" graphics — and no orders are transmitted until you sign in and complete the checkout process.

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Find a Model.

Start Here:

Select a category for a list of links to models available in any category that interests you—cars, airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc.— simple drop-down menus are at the top of every page.


The search box is located in the right hand corner of every Tower Hobbies web page. Enter a product name, description, or stock number from one of our flyers, ads, catalogs or a manufacturer number. Click "Go" and we'll take you immediately to that item.

Let Tower Hobbies Help.

Tower Hobbies Phone Sales Staff and Technical Support Staff give you access to years of R/C modeling experience and information. Just call our toll-free number, 1-800-637-6050. They'll help you select a model and accessories.

The Information Index

Tower Hobbies Information IndexSpotted a model that sounds right for you? Then click on the name to go to its Product Page—where you'll find a description, photo and an Information Index with links that help you make an informed, satisfying buying decision. Links in this box lead to many kinds of information about the model you 've chosen.

For example:

Accessories Needed — Tells you what additional items you'll need to complete and operate it.

Possible Substitutions — If the model you want is unavailable, you'll find the best alternatives listed here.

Parts List — Replacement and optional parts for the model can be ordered from this page.

Tech Notes — Read about the model's performance, features, specifications and requirements...find out if it's really what you're looking for. You'll want to print a copy of these notes for future reference. Review all the information. If you decide the model is right for you, just click on the "Add to Cart" graphic to add it to your shopping cart.

Many Product Pages also feature these other helpful links:

Additional Pictures — With just a click of your mouse, you can enlarge them for an even better look at the model — inside and out — before you buy.

Video — Exciting movie footage shows you the kind of performance you'll enjoy!

Resources — Make absolutely sure you're choosing the right model for you, check out Reviews, take a look at its actual Manual, or check Parts Compatibility! You'll know for certain if you're ready for anything that lies ahead!

Check to see if the items you're looking for are currently in stock.

Tower Hobbies Stock Status
Select Your Item — Click on the name of the product in the line listing section and you'll receive all the information you need to make your buying decisions!

Stock Status — See at a glance if we have the item in stock and ready for shipment. If not, you'll see when it's expected.

If it's not in stock, we can notify you when it is.

Tower Hobbies Stock Status

In rare cases, you may see a notice on an item's Product Page that it is temporarily out of stock. You can still place an order, and we'll ship it to you as soon as it arrives — you won't be billed until shipment. Or you can add the product to your Wish List. There's also a third option: You can have us contact you directly when the item IS in stock, and order then if you like. Here's how. Just click the "E-mail me when available" link on the Product Page. From there, you'll be able to submit an e-mail address where we can contact you when the product you want is back in our warehouse.

What Else Will I Need?

Clicking the "Accessories Needed" link goes a step further, making it simple to add those items to your order. Note: In many cases, you'll have the option of ordering a ready-made Combo package that includes your model plus many of its required accessories as a single purchase. For now, let's assume you want to see the necessary accessories item by item.

Primary Accessories

Tower Hobbies Primary Accessories
After clicking on "Accessories Needed," you'll see a box at the bottom of your page called Primary Accessories. It lists most of the major items you'll need to complete assembly and prepare your model for installing a power plant and radio gear.

Now you can:

Click on the names of each item to visit their Product Page.

Click the "Buy Now" graphic beside each item to add it your Shopping Cart; or click the "Buy Now" graphic that enables you to purchase all of the items in the list as one group.

Links to Other Accessories Needed

If they're not included with the model itself, you may still need a radio system, engine or motor, fuel or batteries, field equipment and various other supplies. You might also want to begin setting up your hobby workshop with tools that aren't absolutely required, but do come in very handy.

Below the Primary Accessories box for your model, you'll see another box called "Links to Other Accessories Needed." Follow these links for lists of the recommended choices for your model.

Click on the names of each item to visit their Product Page (a good idea, since in some cases the accessories may have a few additional small requirements of their own);

Click the "Buy Now" graphic beside each item to add it your Shopping Cart; or

Click the "Buy Now" graphic that enables you to purchase all of the items in the list as one group.

Prepare for Checkout

After you've completed the previous steps, your shopping cart should contain everything you'll need for R/C fun—a great model plus all the supplies you need for assembly and operation. To view your Shopping Cart, simply click on the "Shopping Cart" button at the top of the page.

Ordering Quantities of 10 or More?

You may decide you want a generous supply of smaller items on hand (such as individual pieces of hardware, paint brushes, etc.) to make sure you have enough to complete your project. A single item entry on Tower's Shopping Cart, however, allows you to order a maximum quantity of nine. To order ten or more, you simply need to order the same item again. Click "Continue Shopping" and return to the page from which you first ordered the desired product. Order it again. The site alerts you that you've already put the item in your Shopping Cart and gives you the option of adding it again. Choose "Yes" and click on the "After Selecting, Click Here" button. This returns you to your Shopping Cart, where you can adjust the quantities desired to total the number you want. Then, proceed to Checkout or continue shopping.

Save on Shipping and Handling with Parts Saver™!

Tower Hobbies Parts Saver
You'll notice a green checkmark beside some of the item names in our product listings. That mark indicates products which qualify for Parts Saver savings. If your order consists only of Parts Saver merchandise, it ships for dollars less than our usual charge. Over 51,000 items qualify—another way Tower Hobbies helps you get the biggest bang from your hobby budget!

Shopping Cart

Before you continue with sign-in and checkout, we recommend that you print a copy of your Shopping Cart list. Compare it to the sample Shopping List that we've created for models in the same category. The Shopping List is a generalized reference tool. It won't match your Shopping Cart exactly. But it does make a good checklist: If your Shopping Cart includes every type of item on the Shopping List, you're probably ready to checkout and join the R/C action! Buying from a Tower Hobbies catalog, flyer or magazine ad? The Shopping Cart lets you include ad numbers from other Tower Hobbies publications when ordering on-line to take advantage of any special savings. Have a gift certificate you'd like to redeem? Just let us know here, before you pay!
Tower Hobbies Customer Information Center

Order Status

After you compile your order and check out through our secure ordering process, you can check the status of your account at any time and track your order at the Customer Information Center.
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Don't want to Buy Now? Make a Wish List!

You've found an item you like. You don't want to buy it now, but might later — and would be thrilled to receive it as a gift. So add it to your Wish List First, simply register as a Tower Hobbies customer. Clicking the "Wish List" icon on any product page will take you to a sign-up screen. Then you'll be able to create a personal, ongoing Wish List for viewing by yourself, family and friends. Of course, no one can see your list without providing special identifying information. You can remove items from your Wish List any time you want. Products will be taken off automatically when you purchase them or someone buys them for you. Keeping your list updated is easy—and it's a smart, fun way to shop!
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