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Tips on using the Tower Hobbies AdvancedSearch

You may accurately search over 68,000 items carried by Tower Hobbies using our AdvancedSearch function. With AdvancedSearch you are able to filter search results using a number of powerful criteria.

  • All entered words (up to four) are used for your search. The more words you enter, the more specific your search will be and fewer results will be generated. Using more search terms than necessary may produce too few results.
  • You can include Tower Hobbies stock numbers from our various flyers, magazine ads and our catalog as search terms.
  • Manufacturer stock numbers can be used as search terms. However, these must be entered one at a time.
  • To view only items in certain merchandise categories, use the Product Category pull-down menu to specify either a major category such as "AIRPLANES (ALL)" or "CARS & TRUCKS (ALL)" or a more specific category such as "Airplanes - R/C Kits" or "Cars & Trucks - Gas".
  • To limit your search within a certain brand, use the Brand pull-down menu to specify which company's products you are interested in.
  • You may leave the search term field blank and only use the Product Category and/or Brand pull-down menus to view all items within a certain category and/or brand.
  • If interested in only items which we have available for immediate shipment, check the "Show In-Stock Products Only" box.
  • If you cannot seem to find something that seems obvious that we should stock, please check your spelling.
  • If the item you have searched for is listed as "Discontinued" or otherwise unavailable, click on the accompanying "Possible Substitutions" link.
  • Results are displayed 35 items per page. To see more results, click on the "Next Page" button at the bottom of the search results page.
Using Tower Hobbies AdvancedSearch allows a finely tuned search of our products. You may also use our "Shop Now" menu above to Shop by Category, or to browse our New Items or current Special Sales. If you prefer, you may quickly access our Full Product Directory, our Shop by Brand area or our Shop for Parts area.