HPI Racing 1/5 Baja 5SC Gas Short Course Truck RTR

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Notes from our tech department:
This is the gasoline powered, 2.4GHz radio controlled, ready to run
Baja 5SC Short Course Racing Truck.


Chassis: Black anodized 4mm 6061-T6 aircraft grade extruded and CNC
milled, chassis guards, extended upper roll cage for spark plug
Drive: Rear wheel gear drive
Engine: 2 cycle 1.6 cu in (26cc) gasoline with pull starter,
dual element foam air filter, primer, choke, kill switch and built
in cooling fan
Exhaust: Steel muffler routed to rear of vehicle with aluminum pipe
Fuel Tank: 24oz (700cc)
Radio: 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum DSSS with failsafe function that
prevents low voltage runaways, steering dual rate, servo reversing
switches and flashing LED low battery warning, sealed radio box
Steering Servo: SFL-11MG servo, metal gear/24.7kg-cm6.0V
Throttle Servo: SF-50 Metal Gear Servo (HPIM2777)
Receiver Battery: 3000mAh, five sub C-cell 6V NiMH rechargeable pack
with standard connector
Clutch: High performance 8,000 RPM
Ball Bearings: Full set included, 23 total
Shocks: VVC/HD oil-filled coil over design with 6mm diameter shafts
16 hole rear pistons with sealing ring for consistent damping
Shock Towers: Composite
with modified rear brace for increased suspension travel
Transmission: 19 tooth transmission top gear for quick acceleration
and top speed, all gears are metal
Rear Dogbones: Metal construction with rubber boots
Gearbox: Sealed
Differentials: Viscous Torque Control can be tuned using different
weight diff oils, hardened metal planetary gears
Brakes: Dual disc ventilated steel/aluminum hybrid rotor and semi-
metallic pads
Tires: HB Rodeoo short course with asymmetric tread pattern, sticky
rubber compound and wide grooves for the right mix of sliding and
Wheels: 10 spoke with heavy duty beadlock rings
Body: 0.08" (2mm) thick polycarbonate truck body pre-painted black
or white with new body mounting system featuring eight nylon
mounting points
Bumpers: Bar style front and rear
Rear Wing: Molded nylon with integrated rear body brace
Roll Cage: Baja style high impact nylon protects engine and body
from crash damage
Suspension: Long travel, fully adjustable with turnbuckles, double
wishbone, front and rear sway bars
Caster: Adjustable front & rear caster/toe-in refers to the angle
of the suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation
to the chassis, new rear hubs allow toe-in adjustments of 0, 1, 2,
3 and 4
Camber: Adjustable, front and rear, camber refers to the angle of the
tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or
behind vehicle
Warranty: 2-year limited through manufacturer beginning at date of


RTR Baja 5SC Short Course Truck with HPI Fuelie 26S CC Engine, Hot
Bodies Rodeoo Tires, Tire Foam, Wheels, 2-Cycle Oil, Tools, Shock
Oil, Diff Oil, Air Filter Oil, Decals, 2.4GHz Radio and Instruction


Unleaded Gasoline: 87-93 octane, mix gasoline and two cycle oil
at 25:1 ratio
Building and track equipment


Chassis Length: 35.43" (900mm)
Width: Front, 17.3" (440mm), Rear, 18.1" (460mm)
Front Track: 14.6" (370mm)
Rear Track: 14.9" (380mm) distance between outer edges of wheels
Wheelbase: 22.4" (570mm)
Weight: 27.9lbs (12.6kg)
Length: 36.5" (927mm)
Width: 17.9" (455mm) at rear wheels, widest point
Width: 14.25" (362mm) behind front wheels, narrowest point
Height: 9.5" (241mm)
Thickness: 0.079" (2mm)


Available in the following body colors;
Black, HPID85LL
Silver, HPID85SS

For Replacement Ball Bearings use:
Quantity Size Location Order Stock Number
4 12x24mm Fr Wheel Hubs 2 HPIC0089
4 12x24mm R Wheel Hubs 2 HPIC0089
4 5x10mm Steering 2 DTXC1535
2 10x15mm Diff Case 1 DTXC1595
1 20x32mm Diff Case 1 HPIC1094
2 17x30mm Idler Gear 1 HPIC0092
2 12x24mm Gear Box 1 HPIC0089
2 12x24mm Spur Gear Mount 1 HPIC0089

jxs 02/07/13

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