Hitec Universal Micro Servo Mount

Tower Stock# LXN690  •  Manufacturer Stock# 56307
Hitec Universal Micro Servo Mount (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a universal mount designed to accept almost any micro servo. It fits
into a 2 inch diameter, by 9/16" deep hole in skinned foam wings. The top of
the mount features an aerodynamic fairing designed to streamline airflow around
the servo linkage.


Great way to easily mount servos in foam wings
Flush mount maintains aerodynamics
Top mounts with three countersunk screws to prevent an
aerodynamically "dirty" situation
Molded in red plastic (easily paintable)


Two servo mounts (two bottom portions, and two tops (one inboard and
one outboard)(the inboard/outboard refers to
which side the fairing is on)
Six countersunk screws (three per mount)
Adapter kit for several different servos
Short set of instructions on back of package


Height of fairing-9/16"


Mount is to glue into foam with epoxy
Servo adapters included are for the 94501, 341, S143, 85BB, but will
probably fit many others including the S133
DEE 8.Oct.97

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