O.S. Muffler Extension 761/871

Tower Stock# OSMG2584  •  Manufacturer Stock# 21125108
O.S. Muffler Extension 761/871 (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the 7/16" Muffler Extension for the
#761 & the #871 OSMG2814 mufflers

This Muffler Extension is a 7/16" spacer that installs between the muffler
and the exhaust port on the side of the cylinder head. This results in the
muffler being farther out from the cowl of the plane. One might elect to use
one of the muffler extensions to keep the fuel residue farther out from a
prized paint job or if the aircraft has a large cowl and the muffler isn't far
enough away from the outside of the cowl.

This fits the: .10FP, .10FP-B, .10FP-BX, .10FP-S,
.12CZ-1, .12CZ-2, .12CZ-R, .12CZ-Z,
.15FP, .15FP-S,


Natural aluminum construction


One 7/16" (11.5mm) Muffler Extension
Two 2.5x36mm round phillips head steel screws w/.45 pitch threads
Two 2.5x34mm round phillips head steel screws w/.45 pitch threads


Length: 11.5mm
Width: 33.7mm
Height: 7.6mm
Distance between mounting hole centers: 27.5mm
Port Width: 16.6mm
Height: 4.6mm

JAL 5/12/98up
updated tjt 042905



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