O.S. Carburetor 21J(B) 21XZ-B Spec 2

Tower Stock# OSMG2434  •  Manufacturer Stock# 22481016
O.S. Carburetor 21J(B) 21XZ-B Spec 2 (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the 21J (B) Carburetor for the
O.S. Speed Tuned 21XZ-B Speed Spec II ABC Engine, OSMG2052.


Assembled and ready to install
Slide valve design


21J (B) Carburetor with two O-Rings, Thermo Insulator, and 6.5mm
Carb Reducer


Carburetor Settings, NOTE carburetor is preset at factory and only
requires very small adjustments
Needle Valve: Approximately 3.5 turns open from fully closed
Throttle: Approximately 0.5mm open from factory setting with
reducer removed
Metering Needle: Rotate until slotted head is 1.5mm away from ball
link body
Mixture Control Valve: Rotate until slotted head is flush with
carb body

jxs 06/17/13


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