O.S. 21J(B) Carburetor B2101 Speed

Tower Stock# OSMG2415  •  Manufacturer Stock# 2A281001
O.S. 21J(B) Carburetor B2101 Speed (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the 21J (B) Carburetor for the O.S.
Speed Tuned B2101 1/8 scale Buggy Engine.


For both the regular Speed Tuned B2101 and the Ty Tessmann edition
Slide valve design
Preinstalled 6mm carb reducer for increased torque


21J (B) Carburetor
6mm Red Aluminum Carb Reducer, OSMG2416


Carburetor Settings: NOTE carburetor is preset at factory and
requires only very small adjustments
Needle Valve, 3-1/4 open from fully closed
Mixture Control Valve, Flush with carburetor body
Metering Needle, Flush with ball link body
Throttle Stop Screw, Approximately 0.5mm

jxs 04/15/15


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