O.S. Carburetor 22B2 21XZ-B Ver2

Tower Stock# OSMG2407  •  Manufacturer Stock# 22282000
Notes from our tech department:
This is the 22B2 Complete Carburetor
for the O.S. 21XZ-B V2 ABC Engine, OSMG2053.


Single needle slide valve configuration


22B2 Complete Carburetor, key #6
7mm Yellow Carb Reducer, OSMG2498
Rubber Gasket, OSMG6228


Carburetor Settings, NOTE carburetor is preset at factory and
requires very small adjustments
Needle Valve: Gradually reduce factory needle valve setting in 15
increments following instructions in manual
Metering Needle: After setting at optimum position run vehicle in
straight line and turn metering needle clockwise 15-30 to lean
mixture, or 15-30 counter clockwise to richen mixture
Throttle Stop Screw: Turn counterclockwise if engine runs too fast
with throttle closed

jxs 05/13/14



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