MRC DCC Auto Reverse

Tower Stock# MRCU3117  •  Manufacturer Stock# AD520
Notes from our tech department:
This is an MRC Auto Reverse Module for the Automated Operation of a DCC
Reverse Loop Section. It's for experienced train collectors.

When a DCC decoder equipped locomotive passes the insulated gaps leading
into or from a reverse loop section, the MRC DCC Auto Reverse Module will
automatically match the track's polarity and maintain the same travel direction
for the locomotive. This unit was not primarily designed for use with standard
locomotives, and will cause a non decoder-equipped locomotive to travel in
reverse after passing an insulated gap. When this happens, simply change the
direction of the locomotive using the DCC command station.


Simple pictorial instruction sheet clearly shows wiring directions.
Auto Reverse Module has red and yellow wires protruding from its
small, black, box-like structure.
Connect the two yellow wires to the reverse loop section and the two
red wires to the main line section as shown on instruction sheet.
Rating: 2.0 amperes.
Phone number and address for MRC servicing needs are included.


One Auto Reverse Module for Automated Operation of a DCC Reverse Loop


Train Track for Use
Adult Supervision


Auto Reverse Module: Length: 1-1/4" (31mm)
Width: 1" (25mm)
Height: 1/2" (19mm)


Keep away from small children.
Track not included.
san 9/26/00


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