Tower Hobbies .75 Ball Bearing ABC Schnuerle & Muffler

Tower Stock# LXUR78  •  Manufacturer Stock# 175
Tower Hobbies .75 Ball Bearing ABC Schnuerle & Muffler (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Tower Hobbies .75 2-Stroke R/C ABC SNL Engine w/Muffler.

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CNC (Computer-Numerical-Controlled) machining for exact tolerances
One-piece aluminum crankcase
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
ABC (Aluminum-Piston, Brass Liner w/Chrome Plating) construction
Schnuerle porting
Expansion style muffler w/pressure fitting & rotatable exhaust outlet
Side exhaust
Two-needle carburetor design
Remote needle valve for safer, easier needle adjustment having a
sturdy metal mounting bracket.
TWO YEAR warranty


One Assembled Engine w/Purple Anodized Head and Thrust Washer
One Carburetor w/High & Low Speed Needle Valves
One Metal Needle Valve Mounting Bracket w/Needle Valve Assembly
One Expansion-Style Tuned Muffler
Two 4 x 16mm Muffler Screws
One Head Shim
One Aluminum Exhaust Gasket
One 3mm Allen Wrench
One 2.5mm Allen Wrench
One Set of Instructions


Glow Plug: Tower R/C Long or OS Max #8 recommended
Propeller: 12x6 or 13x6
Fuel: 5% - 15% Nitromethane. 18% (minimum) Lubricant Content of
castor oil OR a castor-synthetic blend. Tower Power recommended.
Misc. Items: Glow plug starter, glow plug wrench, fuel pump, chicken
stick, or electric starter.


Displacement: 12.21cc (.75 cu in)
Bore: 26mm (1.02")
Stoke: 23mm (.91")
Horsepower: 2.2 BHP at 15,600 RPM
Weight: 652g (23oz) (with Muffler) (jl10/00)
Weight: 535g (18.9oz) (without Muffler)
Length: 91mm (3.6") From Backplate to Front of Drive Washer
25.5mm (1") Front to Rear Mounting Hole Centers
Width: 41.35mm (1.63") Neglecting Engine Mounting Flanges
60mm (2.36") Including Engine Mounting Flanges
51.8mm (2.04") Side to Side Mounting Hole Centers
Height: 102mm (4")
Muffler Length: 171mm (6")(Overall)
Muffler Diameter: 44mm (1")
Muffler mounting hole spacing, on-center: 40mm (1.57")
Crankshaft Thread Size: 5/16-24
Recommended Props: Break In: 12x6 or 13x6
Practical RPM Range: 2,000 - 16,500 RPM
Compression Ratio- Geometric: 10.6 : 1
Effective: 7.78 : 1
High Speed Needle: 1 turns OUT from closed
Idle Mixture Screw: The information on the manual is wrong. There is
no gap between the screw and the spray bar.
JAL 8/10/00
updt jxs 3/27/03
updt EEW 5/7/03
updt jxs 11/20/03
updt 1/2/01 snew


The Bisson Pitts Muffler for the GMS .76 engine. BISG1176 also fits
this engine.
Because of the precision tolerances, this engine will feel tight
before break-in.

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