Great Planes ElectriFly S-600 7.2-8.4V Ferrite Motor

Tower Stock# LXJ766  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMG0710
Great Planes ElectriFly S-600 7.2-8.4V Ferrite Motor (large view)
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the S-600 7.2-8.4V Ferrite Motor from Great Planes.
This motor is designed for electric powered R/C airplanes.
May also be used on some R/C boats and cars.


Made with Ferrite magnets


One S-600 7.2-8.4V Ferrite Motor
One .01 uF ceramic capacitor
One instruction sheet


Mounting with 3mm machine screws


Windings: 19 turns of .80 wire
Timing: 3
Weight: 7.76oz (220g)
Rotation Direction: Counter-clockwise
Output Shaft Diameter: .125" (3.18mm)
Output Shaft Length: .38" (9.6mm)
Output Shaft Shape: Rounded (no flat sides)
Can Diameter: 1.43" (36.5mm)
Can Length: 2.25" (57mm)
Endbell Type: Closed
Rotor Assembly: Epoxy balanced
Bushing Type Bronze
Misc Specs: Flux ring added for increased power, tightly crimped to
can, one .01uF ceramic capacitor

Performance specs while turning an 8x4 propeller with 8.4V input:
RPM: 11,820-12,300
Current: 26-28A
Power: 165W
Thrust: 19-21oz
JAL 6/21/00
updt jxs 3/15/04

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