O.S. Thermo Insulator 11K 18TM

Tower Stock# LXHKX2  •  Manufacturer Stock# 21982900
O.S. Thermo Insulator 11K 18TM (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Thermo Insulator for the O. S. Max 11K Carb
It is located on the neck of the carb


Yellowish, heat resistant, plastic like material


One Thermo Insulator
One short Instruction Sheet


Epoxy (GPMR6043) to secure insulator to carb neck


Length: 9.8mm
Diameter: 11.1mm ID 12.9mm OD


All old adhesive and oil will need to be completely removed from the
carb body. The new thermo insulator is then fit to the carb neck
with a very small amount of epoxy. Be very careful not to get any
adhesive on any moving parts or to have any seep out onto the
fitting area.
tjt 020105

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