Futaba HBC-3B(4) Charger 4PK/4PKS/4PKSR/14SG

Tower Stock# LXHDJK  •  Manufacturer Stock# FUTM1833
Notes from our tech department:
This is the HBC-3B(4) Battery Charger for the Futaba 4PK Radio System.
This charger will also fit the 6J, 8J and 10J along with the 4YF.


Overnight wall charger simultaneously charges NiMH transmitter and
NiCd receiver batteries used with the 4PK
Separate LED charging lights
One year limited warranty through manufacturer


Futaba HBC-3B(4) Battery Charger with leads and plugs for transmitter
and receiver batteries


Connecting to transmitter and receiver batteries and plugging into
wall outlet


Input: 120V AC, 60Hz, 5W
Output: TX, 6 VDC 170mA
RX, 6 VDC 100mA


When the charging 4PK batteries allow about 15 hours for charging.
If battery has not been used for a while, cycle it by charging and
discharging two or three times.

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