Multiplex Easy Star Kit 54"

Tower Stock# LXFRU7  •  Manufacturer Stock# M214192
Multiplex Easy Star Kit 54
Notes from our tech department:
This is a radio controlled, electric powered, foam construction
Multiplex Easy Star Airplane Model Kit
For Beginner to Intermediate Modeler/Fliers.


Construction: Elapor foam on the fuselage, wing and tail section
Wings: two-piece, foam construction, blue in color
Radio compartment: Foam
Landing gear: No landing gear,model lands on its belly
Hardware: Pushrods and other hardware included
Motor Mount: Molded into the foam fuselage
400 size Permax motor with high current socket and lead
5" diameter pusher prop with black spinner (prop faces the rear of
the airplane)
Colorful Easy Star logo decals (must be cut out and applied)
Ready to fly in two to six hours


Foam fuselage, wings, and tail section, 400 size motor (direct drive)
with connector and lead (must be soldered to motor), prop, spinner,
hardware package, decals and illustrated instructions.


3-channel radio (throttle, rudder, and elevator control) with 2 micro
12 amp speed control
6 or 7 cell battery from 500 to 1500mAh with the proper connector
(for the above listed speed control use this connector - MPUC8513
Charger for the battery with proper connector - MPUC8514
Miscellaneous building equipment


Wingspan: 54" (1370mm)
Wing Area: 372 sq in (24 sq dm)
Weight: 24oz. (680 g)
Length: 34" (870mm)
Airfoil: Flat bottom, high wing
Center of Gravity: 3.07" (78mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
at the fuselage sides.
Control Throws-
Elevator: Up & Down 3/16" (5mm)
Rudder: Right & Left 3/8" (10mm)


This model is NOT made from polystyrene foam. For this reason, it is
not possible to use white glue or epoxy glue. Use only a medium CA
(CA+) glue and activator. Do not use CA glue designed for polysty-
rene foam.

It has been brought to our attention that the manufacturer has
made a running change to the color of the wings in this kit. The new
color of the wings are grey and NOT blue.

updated mlm 4/1/2008

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