Great Planes Builders Protractor 8-1/2"

Tower Stock# LXFEYX  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMR0490
Great Planes Builders Protractor 8-1/2
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Great Planes Builder's Protractor.


Ideal for any task requiring precise angle measurements
Marked in 1 increments and attached to a handle that doubles as a
4" (100mm) ruler
Measure right thrust on R/C airplanes: Hold the angle finder on the
thrust washer and measure the angle to the left side fuse. Flip
the tool over and measure the angle to the right fuse side. The
difference between the two readings is the thrust angle.
Measure down thrust on R/C airplanes: Block the tail so it is level.
Block up the protractor so it is parallel with the table and line
up the pointer with the thrust washer. The reading will tell you
the amount of down thrust the engine has relative to the tail.
Car modelers can use the Builder's Protractor to set caster/camber
angles and toe-in (remove the small section of swing arm that
extends below protractor)


One Plastic Builder's Protractor


Length: 8" (216mm)
JXS 5/10/00

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