O.S. Carburetor 61H GT15

Tower Stock# LXDYSA  •  Manufacturer Stock# 28181010
Notes from our tech department:
This is the 61H Carburetor for the GGT15 Engine from O.S. Engines, OSMG1513.


Assembled and ready to install


61H Carburetor with Throttle Lever
Two M3x15 Mounting Screws, OSMG8791


Needle Valve Adjustment;
Gradually open throttle fully when engine is started.
Close needle valve 30-45 increasing RPM
When RPM starts decreasing, close needle valve 60-90, then open
slowly 15 per second as RPM increases
Open needle valve 90 further from point where max RPM is obtained
Fly model until running in is completed (10 tanks of fuel)
After running in is completed, set idle around 3000RPM
Stop engine, close mixture control valve 15, note idling RPM
90 opened position from where max idling RPM is obtained is
optimum mixture control valve position
Mixture Control Valve Position;
Never try to adjust until needle valve adjustment is performed
Open mixture control valve one turn (360), open & close a few
times to be sure there is no resistance during throttle movement
Close mixture control valve 30
Rotate throttle until resistance is felt when opening throttle
from closed position
Open mixture control valve approximately 90 from this point-this
is the initial mixture control valve position

jxs 07/24/14



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