Dubro Kwik-Start Glo-Plug Ignitor w/Charger

Tower Stock# LXD702  •  Manufacturer Stock# 666
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Notes from our tech department:
The Dubro Kwik-Start is a rechargeable glow plug ignitor which will work with
all standard size glow plugs. The ignitor locks securely to the plug by way of
a spring loaded flange so that it cannot be accidentally knocked into props or

1300mAh Sub-C NiCd battery provides plenty of current to light the
glow plug and allows for many charge-discharge cycles.
AC recharging unit plugs directly into wall socket and has built-in
LED to indicate that charging is in progress. Recharging takes
approximately 10 hours.

(1) Glow ignitor unit with Sub-C cell installed (the battery is not
intended to be replaceable).
(1) AC Charger unit with long charging cord (at least 12").
(1) Mount for attaching the Kwik-Start to a field box (this prevents
it from getting lost in all the junk at the bottom) ****
Dimensions: The critical dimension is the length of the flange which locks
the ignitor to the glow plug. This is 1 1/8" long which means
it will work on engines with normal cylinder heads, but not
on engines with tall heatsink heads normall found on R/C cars.

Entered 7/5/94 RDT


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