Top Flite Giant F4U Corsair Gas ARF 50-55cc,86.5"

Tower Stock# TOPA0704  •  Manufacturer Stock# TOPA0704
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WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding, or machining wood products generates wood dust and other substances known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the Radio Controlled, Gasoline Powered, Almost Ready to Fly
Giant Scale Gold Edition F4U Corsair from Top Flite.
IMAA Legal


Construction: Balsa and plywood with molded-in panel and cowl flap
Covering: Top Flite flat finish MonoKote
Wings: Balsa and ply with aluminum wing joiners, main landing
gear is located on inner wing panel and remains in place when the
outer panels are removed allowing the fuselage to be walked to and
from the field
Aileron Control: Dual servo, prehinged flaps on center section and
outer panel are linked with a phenolic tab, once linked they
function as one surface requiring only one servo per wing half
Cowl: Painted fiberglass with hidden mounting screws and replica
radial engine with pushrod tubes and spark plug wires
Cockpit: Detailed instrument panel with recessed gauges
Tail Cone: Painted fiberglass
Spinner: Two-piece machined aluminum hub
Gasoline Tank: Approximately 24oz (720cc)
Wheels: 4.5 (114mm) diameter main wheels, 2 (51mm) tail wheel
treaded rubber
**Does not include fixed landing gear**
Strut covers and functional tail wheel doors with reinforced mounts
for Robart landing gear (not included)
Warranty: Top Flite Models guarantees this ARF to be free of defects
in material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty
does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.


ARF Giant Scale Gold Edition F4U Corsair, Matte Finish Decals,
Radial Engine Details, Tail Cone, Cowl, Wheels,
Cockpit Interior, WorkDisplay Stand, Foam Work Mat and
Instruction Manual


Radio: 7-channel minimum
Servos: Three standard, eight high torque
Standard Servo for Air Control Valve (if using retracts)
Standard Servo for Throttle
Standard Servo for optional Choke
Two Servos wat least 99 oz-in torque for Elevators
Two Servos wat least 99 oz-in torque for Rudder
Two Servos wat least 99 oz-in torque for Ailerons
Two Servos wat least 99 oz-in torque for Flaps
Servo Extensions:
24 (610mm): Four heavy duty for ailerons and flaps
6 (152mm): Two heavy duty
Y-Harness: Three depending on reciver and number of channels used
Receiver Battery: At least 1000mAh
Engine: 3.0 - 4.0 cu in (50 - 55cc) gasoline powered, 2 (51mm)
Engine Standoffs (OSMG8962) required if using the O.S. GT60 engine
Building and field equipment


Wingspan: 86.5 (2195mm)
Wing Area: 1376 in (88.8 dm)
Weight: 23-25 lb (10.43-11.34 kg)
Wing Loading: 39-42 ozft (119-128 gdm)
Length: 70 (1780mm)
Center of Gravity (CG): 5-34 (146mm) back from the leading edge of
the wing at the fuselage sides
Control Throws: High Rate Low Rate
Elevator 34 (19mm) 11 12 (13mm) 7
Rudder 2-14 (57mm) 22 1-34 (44mm) 17
Ailerons 1 (25mm) 21 34 (19mm) 16
Flaps 1-12 (38mm) 30
Distance between Firewall & Cowl Opening: 7-18 (181mm)


Pilot figure shown in photos not included
Following is the Top Flite MonoKote color used on this model and
order number for 6 roll
Flat Insignia Blue, TOPQ0507
If a replacement fuel tank is needed, the Great Planes 24 oz
(GPMQ4112) can be used. This tank is compatible with gasoline but
the fuel line supplied with the tank is NOT and will have to be
replaced with gasoline safe fuel tubing (GPMQ4135). Some trimming
and modifiction may be required when installing replacement fuel

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