O.S. Flex Pipe FS120SIII 240mm 1414B

Tower Stock# LXARP6  •  Manufacturer Stock# 72108520
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Long Flexible Exhaust Pipe for the O.S. Max
FS-120III Engine WPump (OSMG0935).
This Flexible Pipe replaces the existing header to allow rerouting
the silencer farther away from the engine or cowl.


Uses the silencer that came with the engine, it replaces the header.
Reroutes the exhaust to a more convenient location


One Long Flexible Exhaust Pipe for the O.S. Max FS-120III Engine W
Pump with:
Two pipe nuts.
One pipe adapter.


Length neglecting threaded part: 9.37 (238mm)
Overall Length: 10.6 (269mm) (including the adapter)
Thread Size on Nut: 11mm at one end and 14mm at the other
Diameter of Flex Pipe: 14.2mm (0.56)


Threading pipe into exhaust port and tightening locknut with a 17mm


This pipe should not be bent in a diameter that is less than four
times the radius of the pipe. Bends in the pipe should be as far
as far as possible from the threaded part of the pipe. Final
adjustment should be made in steps of only 2-3 at a time.
Repeated adjustments to alter the shape of the pipe will weaken the
pipe and cause it to break.
JXS 121301



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