Futaba SR-10 Dual Servo Reverser

Tower Stock# LXANF2  •  Manufacturer Stock# SR10
Futaba SR-10 Dual Servo Reverser (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is the SR-10 Dual Servo Reverser from Futaba.
This is used to "Y" two servos, on one channel on your receiver.
The Dual Servo Reverser will enable both servos to move as they should, by
switching the movement of one of the servos.


Perfect for use on large-scale aircraft that require two servos on
one control surface.
Delivers precision control without the need for special mixing
from the transmitter.
The center pot centers on the servo reverser centers both servos
Along with an RF noise filter that eliminates interference.


One Dual Servo Reverser
One adjustment Screwdriver


Installing in your plane, car or boat.


Length: 26" from Rx plug to servo plug
Case: Width: 23mm
Length: 38mm
Height: 9.2mm
Weight: .9 ounces (25.5 grams)


A super accessory for dual elevator servos, dual flaps and twin-
engine models- as well as in conjunction with Futaba's new
GYA aircraft gyros.

This will work on digital as well as analog servos. 10-23-01
updated jpg 4/18/06

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