Futaba TG Switch ML-1BFLP

Tower Stock# FUTM3679  •  Manufacturer Stock# FUTM3679
Notes from our tech department:
This is a 3-Position Long Toggle switch used in Futaba radios.
This will NOT work in the 9Z Series Radio.


Three positions
Chrome look flat Toggle switch.
Ready to be mounted to PC board.


One 3-position toggle switch.


Installation into "out of warranty" radio.


Length of switch from base (top of threads): .80" (20mm)


Futaba provides these spare parts as a courtesy to those modelers
with the skills and tools to replace the switches on their older,
out-of-warranty, dropped or damaged radios. Futaba provides no
instructions and accepts no liability in the installation of
these replacement switches. REPLACING THESE SWITCHES MAY VOID
YOUR WARARNTY on an IN-WARRANTY radio, and under no circumstances
may Futaba be held responsible for damage done as a result of the
switch replacement.

Switch Part Number

-8UA F/P non-Super and Super (airplane):
A, D, E: FUTM3676
G: FUTM3677
B, H: FUTM3678
C: FUTM3679
F: FUTM3680

-8UH F/P non-Super and Super (helicopter):
A, D, G: FUTM3676
E: FUTM3677
B, F: FUTM3678
C: FUTM3679
SSw H: FUTM3680

-6VA (airplane):
trainer: FUTM3680
all except trainer: FUTM3676

-6VH (heli) (has no trainer function):
All except gear: FUTM3676
Gear/ch 5 6VH: FUTM3678

-5UA, 6XA and 6XAS (airplane):
Ele, ail D/R: FUTM3676
Gear/Flap -air: FUTM3676
Gear - Heli: FUTM3678
Air Brake - Air: FUTM3678
IdleUp/ThrHold-Heli: FUTM3676

Gear: FUTM3676
For the D/R switch and Trainer switch you would need to contact
the warranty center.

-7UA F/P non-Super or Super (airplane):
Ele/Ail D/R, gear, mix: FUTM3676
Rudder D/R: FUTM3676
Mix: FUTM3679

-7UH F/P non-Super or Super (helicopter):
Ele/Ail D/R, Thr Hold: FUTM3676
Rudder D/R: FUTM3676
Ch 5/Ch 7: FUTM3678
Idle up: FUTM3677


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