FMS Beaver 2000mm PNP

Tower Stock# FMMA1025  •  Manufacturer Stock# FMM090P
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Notes from our tech department:
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Construction: EPO 52 foam, repairs can be made with foam safe
adhesives such as hot glue, foam safe CA and 5 minute epoxy
--" x --" (--mm x --mm) wing tube
Motor: Brushless 4258-KV550
Electronic Speed Control: 70A
Landing Gear: --" (--mm) diameter tail wheel, --" (--mm) diameter
main wheels


Beaver PNP, 2000mm (Black)
Instruction manual


Radio: 5+ channel
LiPo Battery: 22.2V 4000mAh 35C
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
Field equipment


Length: 51.3" (1304mm)
Wingspan: 78.7" (2000mm)
Flying Weight: Approximately 8.4 lbs (3800g)
Wing Loading: .16 oz sq/in (71.1g/sq dm)
Wing Area: sq in (53.4 sq dm)
Center of Gravity, CG: 2.76-3.0" (70-75mm) from leading edge

Control Throws Low Rate High Rate
Elevator, up/down: 0.39" (10mm) 0.62" (16mm)
Aileron, up/down: 0.78" (20mm) 0.94" (24mm)
Rudder, left/right: 0.47" (12mm) 0.62" (16mm)

tlc 6/5/18



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