Atlas Code 83 #6 Turnout Left HO

Tower Stock# ATLU0505  •  Manufacturer Stock# 505
Notes from our tech department:
This is an HO Scale Super-Track 83 Left Hand Track Piece from Atlas.
It's for experienced train collectors.

This turnout is constructed so that regardless of switch point settling,
all rails are powered. Because of this, the metal frog is insulated and does
not carry current. Most locomotives will span the insulated frog without the
loss of electrical pickup; however, engines with an extremely short wheelbase,
or diesels with pickup from a single truck may hesitate or stall at the frog.
This condition is easily corrected by equipping turnouts with an Atlas Snap
Relay (item #200) which, when wired to the Atlas undertable switch machine
(item #65), will energize the frog with track current of correct polarity.


Accurately scaled and spaced tiles.
Blackened metal frog allows powering by Atlas Snap Relay.
Frog angle is true #6 - 9 degrees/30'.
Frog and guardrail flangeways set to NMRA standards.
New points eliminate rivets, providing better electrical contact and
improved appearance.
Four spikes per tie, staggered like U.S. prototype.
Designed for under-table switch machines or manual ground throws.
Concealed nail holes.
Designed for use with common rail system.
Universal track joiner included.


One HO Scale Super-Track 83 Left Hand Track Piece


HO Scale Track for Attachment
HO Scale Train Equipment
Block of Wood
Modeler's Knife
Adult Supervision


Scale: HO 1/87
Track Length: 11-1/4" (28.7cm)


Keep out of reach of small children.
san 11/7/00


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