Great Planes Pro CA Foam Safe Aerosol Activator 4 oz

Tower Stock# LXK296  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMR6034
Great Planes Pro CA Foam Safe Aerosol Activator 4 oz (large view)
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the Great Planes Pro CA Aerosol Activator.
Compatible with most foams.

For thick and medium CA that doesn't cure as fast as the instant. All you have
to do is apply the CA then spray the Activator on the CA and it cures almost
instantly. Another way is to first apply the activator to a piece of balsa
you want to join to another piece, then add CA to the other piece.
When you put them together, you have an instant glue joint. To use just hold
the bottle 4-6" away from area your target and spray a mist over it
and it's done.


One 4oz Can of Aerosol Activator Spray
One red tube used for more accurate spraying


CAUTION, Always spray on a test spot first, and ALWAYS wear safety
7-29-98 jak
updt jxs 3/38/06

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