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RJ Speed 1/10 Electric LTO Sport Oval Racer Kit

Product Page: RJ Speed 1/10 Electric LTO Sport Oval Racer Kit

This is the 1/10 scale RJ Speed LTO Sport On-Road Oval Racing Car Kit. FEATURES: Ball diff, fiberglass chassis & motor mount, T-plate with tweak springs, clear body w/molded-in spoiler, spec racing tires, adj. axle height REQUIRES: 2-ch radio w/standard steering servo, 540-550 size motor, 4 or 6-cell battery, ESC, servo saver, building & track equipment

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Other Required Accessories
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Spray Paint for Bodies

Primary Accessories


Radio & Engine Accessories

Quantity Needed: 1
Tamiya 540-J Johnson Motor

Building & Field Accessories

Quantity Needed: 1
Associated FT Body Reamer

Optional Accessories