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Giant Scale Spitfire Gasoline ARF

Britain's finest fighter.

Spitfires are not just aircraft; they symbolize Britain's resilience in the face of devastation. Spitfires, guided by advanced radar and communications, intercepted Luftwaffe bombers and fighters before they could destroy their targets. At the beginning of the Battle of Britain, Germany had great numbers, experience and armament. However, the Spitfire's speed and firepower helped tip the scales of the battle in the Brits' favor. Courage and tenacity did the rest. This impressive model perfectly represents the majesty of the original fighters with scale parts and a matte-finish trim scheme. Its handling on the ground and in the air is smooth and responsive. In fact, the only thing sweeter than flying this scale Spitfire would be flying the real thing.

  • Built-up and sheeted airframe components come finished in flat MonoKote film.
  • Prehinged control surfaces and painted fiberglass parts reduce assembly time.
  • Extras include an aluminum spinner, removable cannons and antenna.
  • Matte-finish decals let you customize your craft to look like the real thing.

Wingspan: 86.5 in (2,195 mm) Wing Area: 1,325 in2 (85.5 dm2) Weight: 22-24 lb (9.98-10.88 kg) Wing Loading: 38-42 oz/ft2 (116-128 g/dm2) Length: 72 in (1,830 mm) Requirements: Radio system with a minimum of 6 channels (8+ channel recommended) 10-11 servos 50-55 cc gasoline engine Robart retracts