Top Flite 1/5 Cessna 182 Skylane Gold Edition Kit
Top Flite 1/5 Cessna 182 Skylane Gold Edition Kit

Top Flite 1/5 Cessna 182 Skylane Gold Edition Kit

Stock# LXHU91

A near-perfect scale outline—in IMAA-legal size

Giant-scale hopefuls and experienced scale modelers alike will find the classic plane they want in the Cessna 182 Skylane. The massive, 81" span wing makes it IMAA-legal. Precision-formed ABS parts and decals (for details as tiny as door hinges) make it easy to detail-out for judging. An impressive project that the average builder can complete—and a smooth, mellow flier that virtually any pilot can enjoy!
Wingspan: 81 in (2055mm) Wing Area: 906 sq in (58.4 dm2) Weight: 10-12 lb (4540-5440g) Fuselage Length: 64.5 in (1635 mm) Wing Loading: 23-28 oz/sq ft (70-85 g/dm2) Requires: 2-stroke .61-.91 cu in engine (10-15 cc) or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in engine (15-20 cc), 4-5 channel radio w/5-7 servos. Suggested MonoKote Colors: White, Dark Red and Black
  • Gold Edition extras—interlocking construction, pushrod routing through formers, 2-servo flap and aileron operation, shaped wooden struts and more—simplify assembly without sacrificing strength.
  • Concealed linkages, "plug-in" side windows and ABS cowl, tail cone, wheel pants and strut fairings ease the creation of true-scale looks.
  • 3D CAD-engineered wing assembles straight and strong almost automatically.
  • Two-piece, predrilled aluminum main landing gear bolts from inside the fuselage to maintain perfect scale lines.
  • Engine can be completely concealed within the cowl using optional header and in-cowl muffler.
  • Molded-in "bowls" with clear lenses make adding (optional) landing lights easy.
Control surfaces
Extruded ABS plastic strips are included for the model's control surfaces. This easily simulates the full-scale Cessna 182 Skylane's tell-tale corrugated Fowler flaps, ailerons and elevator.
Landing lights
Landing light bowls are molded into the precision-formed ABS cowl, ready to accept optional working or dummy landing lights. Clear lenses are included with the kit.
Optional muffler
For scale builders who demand the greatest scale accuracy possible, Top Flite has developed an optional in-cowl muffler (LXHY76) that fits completely inside the cowl, mounted directly behind 2-stroke engines.
Side windows
The side windows "plug in" neatly, while the rear window frame's compex curves come already formed in a single plastic piece for instant scale accuracy, and a perfect blend into the fuselage.
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