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O.S. GT-33 Gasoline Engine

GT-33 Gasoline Engine

Outperforms the competition in power and starting ease!

The GT-33 Gasoline Engine produces 10% more power than any other engine in its class! An electric ignition system offers fast, easy starting and accepts LiFe, LiPo, NiCd and NiMH power. The E-5030 muffler resists distortion, resulting 5dB less noise than the competition. Includes a Walbro carb and CM-6 spark plug.

Displacement: 2.013 in³ (32.98 cc), Bore: 1.417 in (35.99 mm), Stroke: 1.276 in (32.41 mm), RPM Range: 1800-8000, Total Weight: 43.39 oz (1230 g), Engine: 34.72 oz (984.2 g), Muffler: 5.65 oz (160.5 g), Ignition: 3.70 oz (105 g), Requirements: 2-cycle oil, 4.8-6V (4-5 cell) NiCd or NiMH or 7.4V (2S) LiPo or 6.6V (5.5-cell) LiFe battery pack, Voltage regulator (LiPo use only) and 18x8 prop (for break-in); 18x10-12, 19x10 or 20x8-10 (for subsequent use)