OS Engines

O.S. Engine 46AX II ABL


Plentiful power for sport and aerobatic aircraft!

Experience the all-out power of the O.S. 46AX II ABL! Features include a squared-off E-3071 Power Box muffler, a 40K carburetor with a rear angled needle valve, a ball bearing-supported crankshaft and an A3 glow plug.
  • Ball bearing-supported crankshaft.
  • A3 glow plug.
  • Two 0.1" x 1.4" (3 x 35 mm) cap head muffler screws.
  • 2-year limited Hobby Services warranty beginning at the date of purchase.

Displacement: 0.46 cu. in. (7.5 cc) Output: 1.67 hp @ 16,000 rpm RPM Range: 2,000-17,000 Weight (w/o Muffler): 13.3 oz (378 g) Bore: 0.9 in (22 mm) Stroke: 0.8 in (19.6 mm) Requirements Glow fuel containing 5-20% nitromethane content and at least 16% lubricant content, Propeller (10.5x6, 11x6-8, 12x6-7 are recommended; use 10x6 for break-in)