Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF

One “hot” warmliner.

Relaxed soaring...aggressive climb performance...exciting, high-speed aerobatics. The Kunai offers the best of all worlds! Four-channel control accommodates all sport aerobatic maneuvers and allows the use of optional spoilerons or flaperons. The Kunai’s designers kept the parts count low for quick, straightforward final assembly. A great-flying model that looks awesome — and is ready for fun FAST.
Wingspan: 55 in (1395 mm) Length: 36 in (915 mm) Weight: 18.6-19.8 oz (525-560 g) Wing Loading: 8.7-9.3 oz/ft² (27-28 g/dm²) Requires: 4-5 channel transmitter w/receiver & 4 high-torque micro servos, brushless 20A ESC, 3S 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo battery
  • Requires only a few final assembly steps
  • Molded fiberglass fuselage and carbon fiber tail boom
  • Strong, built-up wood wing
  • Ailerons for rolls on demand
  • Includes a powerful brushless motor and folding propeller
Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF - Propeller
The Kunai 1.4M includes a folding propeller for smooth gliding and damage-free landings.
Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF - Hatch
A magnetic hatch provides easy access to your 11.1V LiPo battery of choice.
Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF - fiberglass fuselage
A micro receiver and two micro servos fit neatly inside the sleek fiberglass fuselage.
Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF - Looks
The Kunai 1.4M includes attractively covered wings and tail feathers. They look great, and reduce assembly time, too!
Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF - Aileron
An aileron servo in each wing panel makes installation easy and allows mixing for spoileron and differential.
Kunai® 1.4M Electric Glider ARF - Parts
A low parts count makes it possible to be airborne within a few hours. A wing tube speeds assembly, as does a keyed stabilizer and fin.
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