Great Planes Seawind Seaplane EP ARF

Seawind Seaplane EP ARF

Perform ROW (Rise Off Water) takeoffs, launch by hand and land on grass!

The Seawind assembles quickly, allowing intermediate to advanced flyers to be airborne in as little as 2-3 hours! How is that possible? It’s constructed of painted EPS foam, plus the one-piece wings and foam fuselage allow you to build the aircraft easily and efficiently. All you need to install is a brushless Outrunner motor, brushless ESC, 4-channel radio w/3 micro servos, LiPo battery and charger!

  • On-board electronics install easily into ready-made mounts using glue or screws. The removable hatch cover is held securely in place with powerful magnets.
  • The Seawind flies well even in winds up to 10 mph (16 kph). It's capable of all sport aerobatics, such as loops, rolls, stall turns, and inverted flight.
  • The model's water rudder can be removed for hand launches and grass landings.
  • Use the included, handy cradle to support your Seawind during assembly and pond-side battery pack changes.

Wingspan: 39.5 in. (1003.3mm), Wing Area: 234 in. (5943.6mm), Wing Loading: 14.8-16 oz./ft., Weight: 24-26 oz. (680g - 737g), Length: 33.5 in. (850.9mm), Requires: 28-30-950 Outrunner brushless motor (RimFire™ recommended), 25A brushless ESC, 4-channel radio w/3 micro servos & mini receiver, 11.1V 910-1500mAh LiPo battery & charger

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