Futaba 4YF 4-Channel FM/4 S3004 Servos

First in affordability (and features) for flight!

Whether you're just starting out, or are a sport pilot looking for the best for less in 4-channel control, the 4YF SkySport fills the bill. Even with its surprisingly low price, this radio is packed with features, in a sleek, slim case. And when you compare its convenience and performance to the competition, you'll discover that the 4YF is the best value in a quality system.
  • A dual-conversion, R127DF narrow-band FM receiver filters out more interference, for more precision and control.
  • Includes four S3004 Standard Ball Bearing servos.
  • All-channel servo reversing provides more installation options.
  • The power and servo reversing switches are located down and out of the way for convenience, and to avoid accidental changes.
  • Full Tx and Rx NiCds — made from genuine Sanyo® cells — can be recharged simultaneously with the included 50A overnight AC charger.
  • Stick length and tension can be adjusted to increase comfort and confidence for virtually any flier. The tips of the sticks are textured to provide a more tactile "feel'.
  • The battery meter features green and red LEDs for instant "go/no-go" status.
Futaba 4YF 4-Channel FM/4 S3004 Servos - Micro Pin
A more high-tech micro pin replaces the standard jack, and is located in the middle of the back panel to distribute cord weight more evenly and prevent the cord from interfering with the controls.
Futaba 4YF 4-Channel FM/4 S3004 Servos - Trainer Switch
The trainer switch is a toggle switch that's easier on the finger, and spring-loaded for instant "off."
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