Tower Hobbies Stock Status Designations
Stock status updates are made to our web site on a regularly scheduled basis. Below are the possible descriptors that you may find on our web site and their meaning.

Stock Status In-Stock Situation
In Stock Product is in one or both of our warehouses and is available for shipping (usually ships in 1-2 days).
Stock Status Out-of-Stock Situations
Expected Arrival
Displayed —

The displayed arrival is when we expect to receive stock from the manufacturer. It is a guideline provided by the manufacturer and is subject to change. We sometimes do not receive enough stock to cover all back orders that exist at the time of product arrival, which will on occasion cause the displayed expected arrival date to change to the next expected arrival from the manufacturer. Therefore, rather than waiting to order the product when displayed as "In Stock" we urge that you place your back order immediately to ensure delivery.
On Order Product has been ordered from the manufacturer, but the manufacturer has not yet provided a date in which we expect to receive stock. We can accept back orders on these items.
Order Pending Product is in the process of being ordered from the manufacturer. We can accept back orders on these items.
Seasonal Product is seasonal in nature. It is normally stocked leading up to and during its most highly-demanded part of the year. Place your back order immediately to ensure delivery.
Back Order Only Product is not normally stocked in our warehouses. If you back order the item we will order it from the manufacturer with the intent of fulfilling your order. Please note that the time it takes to fill your order could exceed 30 days or more depending on inventory available at the factory and/or production schedules.
Product manufacturing and/or distribution has been suspended by the manufacturer until further notice, or some other problem prevents us from taking orders for the item. No delivery date has been given to us by the manufacturer. Please revisit our web site periodically to check for possible status updates to these items.
Discontinued Product has been discontinued either by the manufacturer or by us and the product is no longer available from Tower Hobbies. We are unable to take orders for these items.

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